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Please Read First: 

To book with your voucher, please click the Book Now button below. This will take you to our Booking Software. During the booking process, please click the box that says “I have a Gift Card Number” and enter your voucher number in that box. This will credit your account for the value of your Voucher.  Please know that tandem jumps are refundable but there is a $25 service charge to process the refund.  So please make sure you enter your voucher code in the Gift Card Number box. 

If there is more than one person in your group, you must add each voucher individually as you add each jumper to the reservation. When you are done entering your own Gift Card number and adding the other options you want for your jump, just press the “Save Jumper” button and it will bring you to the info page for the next jumper in your group, where you will add their options and Gift Card Number in the same way.

Thanks so much for booking with us.  We look forward to taking you on your skydiving adventure. 

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