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Why do we want to take you skydiving?

We love to skydive and love to share it with people!

Skydiving is our passion and we are sure you will experience that passion when you skydive with us.When you arrive you'll be greeted by Pacific Coast Skydiving staff member with a friendly smile. You may have to wait for your handshake to be delivered from 2 miles high! Be assured we have a great safety record and an excellent customer service record.

Tandem Skydive Jump

 $ 179 / person Weekday

 $ 189 / person Weekend

Video and Photo Pricing

VIDEO: $ 69


Skydiving view 046.JPG
Skydiving Weight Restrictions

The skydiving max weight limit is 230 pounds, but call to inquire if you are over 230 pounds. The weight limit includes all clothing you intend to wear on your jump and is measured with our scale.  Everyone must be 18 years old or older.

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